Planning a Party? 


Helpful Hints for Ordering Kegs!

Making a Reservation

  • Kegs should be reserved at least one week prior to your party date.  The absolute deadline for ordering Kegs is 3PM the Wednesday prior to the weekend you need the keg.
  • Stop or phone in your keg reservations; including the type of beer, size of keg & the name & phone number of the person who will pick up the keg.

Keg Equipment & Deposits

From a Super Cooler, which keeps you beer colder longer to a Cold Plate System, which eliminates the need to prime the keg prior to serving; we have a variety of equipment available to simplify your event.

  • Cold Plate - A Co2 System that makes dispensing beverages easy & no fuss!  Rental Fee = $25 + Deposit
  • Super Cooler - A heavy-duty cooler designed to save money on ice usage.  Rental Fee = $15 + Deposit
  • Plastic Tub - Better than your trash can!  A plastic tub for holding kegs.  Rental Fee = $5 + Deposit
  • Keg Bag - Helps keep ice contained.  $1.99 Each
  • Beer Cups available.  Pricing varies by size & count.

Deposits are required on all kegs & equipment must be made in cash.  You will receive the cash back when you return the equipment.  Cash deposits are as follows:

  • Cold Plate = $250.00 Deposit
  • Super Cooler = $150.00 Deposit
  • Plastic Tub = $20 Deposit
  • Tap = $40 Deposit
  • Keg = $30 Deposit

Picking up your Keg

You will need approximately 15 minutes to pick-up your keg to complete the proper paperwork.  Make sure you bring the following when picking up your keg:

  • Valid ID or Driver's License
  • Cash Deposit
  • Form of payment (Kegs may be paid for by Cash, Check or Credit Card)
  • We would appreciate your assistance in loading the keg into your vehicle.

The State of Minnesota Statute requires that we place a Keg Identification Tag on all Beer Kegs.  This tag must remain intact on the keg.  Removal or defacement of the tag may be cause for a deposit refund to be forfeited.  In addition the person picking up the keg will be required to sign an acknowledgement  stating they agree to adhere to the following Minnesota Statues:

State Statute 340A.503 Subd. 2 Purchasing:

"It is unlawful for any person to sell , barter, furnish or give alcoholic beverages to anyone who is under 21 years of age."

State Statute 340a.701 Subd. 1 Felony:

"It is a felony offense to violate provisions of this section 340A.503, Subd. 2, if the person becomes intoxicated & causes or suffers death or great bodily harm as a result of the intoxication."

Returning your Keg

We would appreciate you return your keg & rental equipment no later than seven (7) business days after pick up.  Upon returning your keg, the equipment will be inspected, keg identification tag removed & your cash deposit returned to you (if applicable).  No refunds or exchanges on full or partial kegs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many glasses of Beer/Root Beer can you get out of a keg?  A 16 gallon Keg yields approximately 170-12 oz. servings.  An 8 gallon Keg yields approximately 85-12 oz. servings.
  • I have a Kegmeister, can I get my supplies from you?  You are welcome to join our Kegmeister's Club; where we keep your Keg ID Information on file, making your pick up time much faster!  You will still need to call us when you need a new keg.  Sorry, we do not stock C02 or parts for your Kegmeister.